Whip Count Widgets for your Website

This page contains technical information for webmasters who want to put two types of widgets to track public whip counts.

Universal Widget

This widget displays all the public whip counts that we are conducting on the Act on Principles website (with Act On Principles logo). See it at the left sidebar of this page. Your visitors can choose the public whip count that they want to check via a drop down menu at the top of the widget. The widget links to the appropriate page in ActOnPrinciples.org where the details of each public whip count are available, such as sponsors, yes, leaning yes, neutral, leaning no, no, and unknown positions of each member of Congress if known.


Cut and paste the code below to place the Universal Widget in your website.  The title bill will be ENDA in the Senate.  With a drop down menu for other pieces of legislation

[html] <center> <div id=”ctt”>116|175:175</div> <script type=”text/javascript”>id=”ctt”;</script> <script src=”http://www.actonprinciples.org/wp-content/plugins/vote/widget.js” type=”text/javascript”></script></center> [/html]

Dedicated Widget

This widget tracks only a specific whip count for a specific piece of LGBT legislation. It is appropriate for websites and postings focused on one bill only. Below is an example of a dedicated widget for DOMA Repeal in the US House of Representatives.  There is no title for the widget, however it does link to the relevant page on Act On Principles:

Sponsors & Cosponsors54
Leaning Yes2
Leaning No8


  • Dedicated Whip Count Widgets address specific pieces of LGBT legislation.
  • You can place several dedicated widgets on your website.
  • If you put more than one widget on the same page, it might be that only one will display—this depends entirely on your software. So you need to try it.

Cut and paste the code below to place each dedicated widget. Note the line 116|175:125. The first number (116) represents the code for each whip count; the second number (175) is the width of the widget and the third number (125) is its length. Modify them as appropriate. Please replace the code (116) for a whip count by the following number:

115 ENDA in House
116 ENDA in Senate

Modify the link below to point to the proper page on our site where your visitors can view and participate on the specific whip count. Such a link is required as a condition for you to use our widget. [html] <center> <a href=”http://www.actonprinciples.org/enda-house/” target=”_blank”>Check ENDA in House</a> <div id=”ctt”>115|175:175</div> <script type=”text/javascript”>id=”ctt”;</script> <script src=”http://www.actonprinciples.org/wp-content/plugins/vote/widget1.js” type=”text/javascript”></script></center> [/html]

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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6 comments to Whip Count Widgets for your Website

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  • Benjamin

    is there a universal widget that will work on myspace.

  • N02157053

    Hello, everyone:

    I completely support the passage of same – sex marriage in the state of New York. Do what is right, REGARDLESS of the fact that most of us are against this. We ARE ready for this kind of change, because it is obvious that society will not collapse even if it is signed into law immediately.

    David Zornetsky

  • N02157053


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    David Zornetsky

  • N02157053

    Hi again:

    Complete version of ENDA NATIONWIDE!!!

    David Zornetsky

  • carolann Shoemaker

    for all of our govermental officials , including the president, please force insurance providers to include any transgender surgerys to there policies ,all polices. we have waited to long for equality with insurance!males get similer surgeries, females have similer surgeries, but trans gendering persons also need certain surgeries to not comit suicide!death rate with transgender is listed at 30 to 40%. the truth be realised by transgender that are hiding because of reprecussions that comit suicides is closer to 70%! I guess between the government and insurance companies dening coverage, they figure we will just kill ourselfs off,but we do pay taxes and we do vote! maybe its time to change the bigoted attitudes, period!

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