Tax Parity for Health Plan Beneficiaries in House (112th Congress)

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The LGBT community is often told that there is not the support needed to pass, or even introduce, certain pieces of legislation. Rarely are we told who needs to be persuaded to gain the needed support. When we are it is usually within days of the vote. And, because of technological constraints, this information is not up to date.

The Public Whip Count fundamentally changes the way advocacy on legislation works. It empowers the grassroots, and any citizen, to possess the knowledge necessary to organize and pressure our elected officials until enough votes are secured to introduce or pass legislation. It replaces secrecy with transparency and accountability and allows anyone who cares about LGBT equality to become an activist for full legal equality.

The most revolutionary aspect of our Public Whip Count tool is that it shares power with national organizations, the grassroots, elected officials and party leaders and allows real-time updates.


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  1. Register and login in the site.
  2. After login, you will see on the right of each row a button to edit the information.
  3. Ask your Members or Congress or staff their position on this legislation. Indicate that you are conducting a Public Whip Count and that you know to mark their position specifically as: Sponsor, Cosponsor, Yes, Leaning Yes, Undecided, Leaning No, or No. Then indicate in the notes with whom you spoke, and if not voting Yes, the reasons. When you click save, the system will record publicly the date and your name. The contact information provided is the Washington DC office; if you click on it, it will show the website for the Member of Congress–including location of local offices and phone numbers. You can look up your Member by zip code here.

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Young, Don R AK 202-225-5765 Unknown
Bonner, Jo R AL-01 202-225-4931 Unknown
Roby, Martha R AL-02 202-225-2901 Unknown
Rogers, Mike R AL-03 202-225-4872 Unknown
Aderholt, Robert R AL-04 202-225-4876 Unknown
Brooks, Mo R AL-05 202-225-4801 Unknown
Bachus, Spencer R AL-06 202-225-4921 Unknown
Sewell, Terri D AL-07 202-225-2665 Unknown
Crawford, Rick R AR-01 202-225-4076 Unknown
Griffin, Tim R AR-02 202-225-2506 Unknown
Womack, Steve R AR-03 202-225-4301 Unknown
Ross, Mike D AR-04 202-225-3772 Unknown
Gosar, Paul R AZ-01 202-225-2315 Unknown
Franks, Trent R AZ-02 202-225-4576 Unknown
Quayle, Ben R AZ-03 202-225-3361 Unknown
Pastor, Ed D AZ-04 202-225-4065 Unknown
Schweikert, David R AZ-05 202-225-2190 Unknown
Flake, Jeff R AZ-06 202-225-2635 Unknown
Grijalva, Raul D AZ-07 202-225-2435 Unknown
Giffords, Gabrielle D AZ-08 202-225-2542 Unknown
Thompson, Mike D CA-01 202-225-3311 Unknown
Herger, Wally R CA-02 202-225-3076 Unknown
Lungren, Daniel R CA-03 202-225-5716 Unknown
McClintock, Tom R CA-04 202-225-2511 Unknown
Matsui, Doris D CA-05 202-225-7163 Cosponsor Per
Woolsey, Lynn D CA-06 202-225-5161 Unknown
Miller, George D CA-07 202-225-2095 Cosponsor Per
Pelosi, Nancy D CA-08 202-225-4965 Unknown
Lee, Barbara D CA-09 202-225-2661 Unknown
Garamendi, John D CA-10 202-225-1880 Unknown
McNerney, Jerry D CA-11 202-225-1947 Unknown
Speier, Jackie D CA-12 202-225-3531 Cosponsor Per
Stark, Fortney Pete D CA-13 202-225-5065 Cosponsor Per
Eshoo, Anna D CA-14 202-225-8104 Unknown
Honda, Michael D CA-15 202-225-2631 Unknown
Lofgren, Zoe D CA-16 202-225-3072 Unknown
Farr, Sam D CA-17 202-225-2861 Unknown
Cardoza, Dennis D CA-18 202-225-6131 Unknown
Denham, Jeff R CA-19 202-225-4540 Unknown
Costa, Jim D CA-20 202-225-3341 Unknown
Nunes, Devin R CA-21 202-225-2523 Unknown
McCarthy, Kevin R CA-22 202-225-2915 Unknown
Capps, Lois D CA-23 202-225-3601 Unknown
Gallegly, Elton R CA-24 202-225-5811 Unknown
McKeon, Howard (Buck) R CA-25 202-225-1956 Unknown
Dreier, David R CA-26 202-225-2305 Unknown
Sherman, Brad D CA-27 202-225-5911 Cosponsor Per
Berman, Howard D CA-28 202-225-4695 Unknown
Schiff, Adam D CA-29 202-225-4176 Cosponsor Per
Waxman, Henry D CA-30 202-225-3976 Unknown
Becerra, Xavier D CA-31 202-225-6235 Unknown
Chu, Judy D CA-32 202-225-5464 Unknown
Bass, Karen D CA-33 202-225-7084 Unknown
Roybal-Allard, Lucille D CA-34 202-225-1766 Unknown
Waters, Maxine D CA-35 202-225-2201 Unknown
VACANT CA-36 202-225-8220 Unknown
Richardson, Laura D CA-37 202-225-7924 Cosponsor per
Napolitano, Grace D CA-38 202-225-5256 Unknown
Sanchez, Linda D CA-39 202-225-6676 Unknown
Royce, Edward R CA-40 202-225-4111 Unknown
Lewis, Jerry R CA-41 202-225-5861 Unknown
Miller, Gary R CA-42 202-225-3201 Unknown
Baca, Joe D CA-43 202-225-6161 Unknown
Calvert, Ken R CA-44 202-225-1986 Unknown
Bono Mack, Mary R CA-45 202-225-5330 Unknown
Rohrabacher, Dana R CA-46 202-225-2415 Unknown
Sanchez, Loretta D CA-47 202-225-2965 Unknown
Campbell, John R CA-48 202-225-5611 Unknown
Issa, Darrell R CA-49 202-225-3906 Unknown
Bilbray, Brian R CA-50 202-225-0508 Unknown
Filner, Bob D CA-51 202-225-8045 Unknown
Hunter, Duncan R CA-52 202-225-5672 Unknown
Davis, Susan D CA-53 202-225-2040 Unknown
DeGette, Diana D CO-01 202-225-4431 Unknown
Polis, Jared D CO-02 202-225-2161 Unknown
Tipton, Scott R CO-03 202-225-4761 Unknown
Gardner, Cory R CO-04 202-225-4676 Unknown
Lamborn, Doug R CO-05 202-225-4422 Unknown
Coffman, Mike R CO-06 202-225-7882 Unknown
Perlmutter, Ed D CO-07 202-225-2645 Unknown
Larson, John D CT-01 202-225-2265 Unknown
Courtney, Joe D CT-02 202-225-2076 Unknown
DeLauro, Rosa D CT-03 202-225-3661 Unknown
Himes, James D CT-04 202-225-5541 Cosponsor Per
Murphy, Christopher D CT-05 202-225-4476 Unknown
Carney, John D DE 202-225-4165 Unknown
Miller, Jeff R FL-01 202-225-4136 Unknown
Southerland, Steve R FL-02 202-225-5235 Unknown
Brown, Corrine D FL-03 202-225-0123 Unknown
Crenshaw, Ander R FL-04 202-225-2501 Unknown
Nugent, Richard B. R FL-05 202-225-1002 Unknown
Stearns, Cliff R FL-06 202-225-5744 Unknown
Mica, John R FL-07 202-225-4035 Unknown
Webster, Daniel R FL-08 202-225-2176 Unknown
Bilirakis, Gus R FL-09 202-225-5755 Unknown
Young, C. W. Bill R FL-10 202-225-5961 Unknown
Castor, Kathy D FL-11 202-225-3376 Cosponsor per
Ross, Dennis R FL-12 202-225-1252 Unknown
Buchanan, Vern R FL-13 202-225-5015 Unknown
Mack, Connie R FL-14 202-225-2536 Unknown
Posey, Bill R FL-15 202-225-3671 Unknown
Rooney, Thomas R FL-16 202-225-5792 Unknown
Wilson, Frederica S. D FL-17 202-225-4506 Unknown
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana R FL-18 202-225-3931 Cosponsor Per
Deutch, Theodore D FL-19 202-225-3001 Unknown
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie D FL-20 202-225-7931 Unknown
Diaz-Balart, Lincoln R FL-21 202-225-4211 Unknown
West, Allen B. R FL-22 202-225-3026 Unknown
Hastings, Alcee D FL-23 202-225-1313 Cosponsor Per
Adams, Sandy R FL-24 202-225-2706 Unknown
Rivera, David R FL-25 202-225-2778 Unknown
Kingston, Jack R GA-01 202-225-5831 Unknown
Bishop, Sanford Jr. D GA-02 202-225-3631 Unknown
Westmoreland, Lynn R GA-03 202-225-5901 Unknown
Johnson, Henry C. (Hank) Jr. D GA-04 202-225-1605 Cosponsor Per
Lewis, John D GA-05 202-225-3801 Cosponsor Per
Price, Tom R GA-06 202-225-4501 Unknown
Woodall, Rob R GA-07 202-225-4272 Unknown
Scott, Austin R GA-08 202-225-6531 Unknown
Graves, Tom R GA-09 202-225-5211 Unknown
Broun, Paul R GA-10 202-225-4101 Unknown
Gingrey, Phil R GA-11 202-225-2931 Unknown
Barrow, John D GA-12 202-225-2823 Unknown
Scott, David D GA-13 202-225-2939 Unknown
Hanabusa, Colleen D HI-01 202-225-2726 Unknown
Hirono, Mazie D HI-02 202-225-4906 Cosponsor Per
Braley, Bruce D IA-01 202-225-2911 Unknown
Loebsack, David D IA-02 202-225-6576 Unknown
Boswell, Leonard D IA-03 202-225-3806 Unknown
Latham, Tom R IA-04 202-225-5476 Unknown
King, Steve R IA-05 202-225-4426 Unknown
Labrador, Raul R ID-01 202-225-6611 Unknown
Simpson, Michael R ID-02 202-225-5531 Unknown
Rush, Bobby D IL-01 202-225-4372 Unknown
Jackson, Jesse Jr. D IL-02 202-225-0773 Cosponsor Per
Lipinski, Daniel D IL-03 202-225-5701 Unknown
Gutierrez, Luis D IL-04 202-225-8203 Unknown
Quigley, Mike D IL-05 202-225-4061 Cosponsor Per
Roskam, Peter R IL-06 202-225-4561 Unknown
Davis, Danny D IL-07 202-225-5006 Unknown
Walsh, Joe R IL-08 202-225-3711 Unknown
Schakowsky, Janice D IL-09 202-225-2111 Cosponsor Per
Dodd, Robert R IL-10 202-225-4835 Cosponsor Per
Kinzinger, Adam R IL-11 202-225-3635 Unknown
Costello, Jerry D IL-12 202-225-5661 Unknown
Biggert, Judy R IL-13 202-225-3515 Cosponsor Per
Hultgren, Randy R IL-14 202-225-2976 Unknown
Johnson, Timothy R IL-15 202-225-2371 Unknown
Manzullo, Donald R IL-16 202-225-5676 Unknown
Schilling, Bobby R IL-17 202-225-5905 Unknown
Schock, Aaron R IL-18 202-225-6201 Unknown
Shimkus, John R IL-19 202-225-5271 Unknown
Visclosky, Peter D IN-01 202-225-2461 Unknown
Donnelly, Joe D IN-02 202-225-3915 Unknown
Stutzman, Marlin A. R IN-03 202-225-4436 Unknown
Rokita, Ted R IN-04 202-225-5037 Unknown
Burton, Dan R IN-05 202-225-2276 Unknown
Pence, Mike R IN-06 202-225-3021 Unknown
Carson, Andre D IN-07 202-225-4011 Unknown
Bucshon, Larry D. R IN-08 202-225-4636 Unknown
Young, Todd R IN-09 202-225-5315 Unknown
Huelskamp, Tim R KS-01 202-225-2715 Unknown
Jenkins, Lynn R KS-02 202-225-6601 Unknown
Yoder, Kevin W. R KS-03 202-225-2865 Unknown
Pompeo, Michael Richard R KS-04 202-225-6216 Unknown
Whitfield, Ed R KY-01 202-225-3115 Unknown
Guthrie, Brett R KY-02 202-225-3501 Unknown
Yarmuth, John D KY-03 202-225-5401 Unknown
Davis, Geoff R KY-04 202-225-3465 Unknown
Rogers, Harold R KY-05 202-225-4601 Unknown
Chandler, Ben D KY-06 202-225-4706 Unknown
Scalise, Steve R LA-01 202-225-3015 Unknown
Richmond, Cedric D LA-02 202-225-6636 Unknown
Landry, Jeffrey M. R LA-03 202-225-4031 Unknown
Fleming, John R LA-04 202-225-2777 Unknown
Alexander, Rodney R LA-05 202-225-8490 Unknown
Cassidy, Bill R LA-06 202-225-3901 Unknown
Boustany, Charles Jr. R LA-07 202-225-2031 Unknown
Olver, John D MA-01 202-225-5335 Unknown
Neal, Richard D MA-02 202-225-5601 Unknown
McGovern, James D MA-03 202-225-6101 Unknown
Frank, Barney D MA-04 202-225-5931 Unknown
Tsongas, Niki D MA-05 202-225-3411 Cosponsor Per
Tierney, John D MA-06 202-225-8020 Unknown
Markey, Edward D MA-07 202-225-2836 Unknown
Capuano, Michael D MA-08 202-225-5111 Cosponsor Per
Lynch, Stephen D MA-09 202-225-8273 Unknown
Keating, William R. D MA-10 202-225-3111 Unknown
Harris, Andy R MD-01 202-225-5311 Unknown
Ruppersberger, C. A. Dutch D MD-02 202-225-3061 Unknown
Sarbanes, John D MD-03 202-225-4016 Cosponsor Per
Edwards, Donna D MD-04 202-225-8699 Cosponsor Per
Hoyer, Steny D MD-05 202-225-4131 Unknown
Bartlett, Roscoe R MD-06 202-225-2721 Unknown
Cummings, Elijah D MD-07 202-225-4741 Unknown
Van Hollen, Chris D MD-08 202-225-5341 Unknown
Pingree, Chellie D ME-01 202-225-6116 Unknown
Michaud, Michael D ME-02 202-225-6306 Unknown
Benishek, Daniel J. R MI-01 202-225-4735 Unknown
Huizenga, Bill R MI-02 202-225-4401 Unknown
Amash, Justin R MI-03 202-225-3831 Unknown
Camp, Dave R MI-04 202-225-3561 Unknown
Kildee, Dale D MI-05 202-225-3611 Unknown
Upton, Fred R MI-06 202-225-3761 Unknown
Walberg, Tim R MI-07 202-225-6276 Unknown
Rogers, Mike R MI-08 202-225-3261 Unknown
Peters, Gary D MI-09 202-225-5802 Unknown
Miller, Candice R MI-10 202-225-2106 Unknown
McCotter, Thaddeus R MI-11 202-225-8171 Unknown
Levin, Sander D MI-12 202-225-4961 Unknown
Clarke, Hansen D MI-13 202-225-2261 Unknown
Conyers, John Jr. D MI-14 202-225-5126 Unknown
Dingell, John D MI-15 202-225-4071 Unknown
Walz, Timothy D MN-01 202-225-2472 Unknown
Kline, John R MN-02 202-225-2271 Unknown
Paulsen, Erik R MN-03 202-225-2871 Unknown
McCollum, Betty D MN-04 202-225-6631 Cosponsor Per
Ellison, Keith D MN-05 202-225-4755 Unknown
Bachmann, Michele R MN-06 202-225-2331 Unknown
Peterson, Collin D MN-07 202-225-2165 Unknown
Cravaack, Chip R MN-08 202-225-6211 Unknown
Clay, Wm. Lacy D MO-01 202-225-2406 Unknown
Akin, W. Todd R MO-02 202-225-2561 Unknown
Carnahan, Russ D MO-03 202-225-2671 Cosponsor Per
Hartzler, Vicky R MO-04 202-225-2876 Unknown
Cleaver, Emanuel D MO-05 202-225-4535 Unknown
Graves, Sam R MO-06 202-225-7041 Unknown
Long, Billy R MO-07 202-225-6536 Unknown
Emerson, Jo Ann R MO-08 202-225-4404 Unknown
Luetkemeyer, Blaine R MO-09 202-225-2956 Unknown
Nunnelee, Alan R MS-01 202-225-4306 Unknown
Thompson, Bennie D MS-02 202-225-5876 Unknown
Harper, Gregg R MS-03 202-225-5031 Unknown
Palazzo, Steven R MS-04 202-225-5772 Unknown
Rehberg, Denny R MT 202-225-3211 Unknown
Butterfield, G. K. D NC-01 202-225-3101 Unknown
Ellmers, Renee R NC-02 202-225-4531 Unknown
Jones, Walter R NC-03 202-225-3415 Unknown
Price, David D NC-04 202-225-1784 Cosponsor Per
Foxx, Virginia R NC-05 202-225-2071 Unknown
Coble, Howard R NC-06 202-225-3065 Unknown
McIntyre, Mike D NC-07 202-225-2731 Unknown
Kissell, Larry D NC-08 202-225-3715 Unknown
Myrick, Sue Wilkins R NC-09 202-225-1976 Unknown
McHenry, Patrick R NC-10 202-225-2576 Unknown
Shuler, Heath D NC-11 202-225-6401 Unknown
Watt, Melvin D NC-12 202-225-1510 Unknown
Miller, Brad D NC-13 202-225-3032 Unknown
Berg, Rick R ND 202-225-2611 Unknown
Fortenberry, Jeff R NE-01 202-225-4806 Unknown
Terry, Lee R NE-02 202-225-4155 Unknown
Smith, Adrian R NE-03 202-225-6435 Unknown
Guinta, Frank R NH-01 202-225-5456 Unknown
Bass, Charles R NH-02 202-225-5206 Unknown
Andrews, Robert D NJ-01 202-225-6501 Unknown
LoBiondo, Frank R NJ-02 202-225-6572 Unknown
Runyan, Jon R NJ-03 202-225-4765 Unknown
Smith, Christopher R NJ-04 202-225-3765 Unknown
Garrett, Scott R NJ-05 202-225-4465 Unknown
Pallone, Frank Jr. D NJ-06 202-225-4671 Unknown
Lance, Leonard R NJ-07 202-225-5361 Unknown
Pascrell, Bill Jr. D NJ-08 202-225-5751 Unknown
Rothman, Steven D NJ-09 202-225-5061 Unknown
Payne, Donald D NJ-10 202-225-3436 Unknown
Frelinghuysen, Rodney R NJ-11 202-225-5034 Unknown
Holt, Rush D NJ-12 202-225-5801 Cosponsor Per
Sires, Albio D NJ-13 202-225-7919 Unknown
Heinrich, Martin D NM-01 202-225-6316 Unknown
Pearce, Steve R NM-02 202-225-2365 Unknown
Lujan, Ben Ray D NM-03 202-225-6190 Cosponsor Per
Berkley, Shelley D NV-01 202-225-5965 Unknown
Heller, Dean R NV-02 202-225-6155 Unknown
Heck, Joe R NV-03 202-225-3252 Unknown
Bishop, Timothy D NY-01 202-225-3826 Cosponsor Per
Israel, Steve D NY-02 202-225-3335 Cosponsor Per
King, Peter R NY-03 202-225-7896 Unknown
McCarthy, Carolyn D NY-04 202-225-5516 Unknown
Ackerman, Gary D NY-05 202-225-2601 Unknown
Meeks, Gregory D NY-06 202-225-3461 Unknown
Crowley, Joseph D NY-07 202-225-3965 Cosponsor Per
Nadler, Jerrold D NY-08 202-225-5635 Unknown
Weiner, Anthony D NY-09 202-225-6616 Unknown
Towns, Edolphus D NY-10 202-225-5936 Unknown
Clarke, Yvette D NY-11 202-225-6231 Unknown
Velazquez, Nydia D NY-12 202-225-2361 Unknown
Grimm, Michael R NY-13 202-225-3371 Unknown
Maloney, Carolyn D NY-14 202-225-7944 Unknown
Rangel, Charles D NY-15 202-225-4365 Unknown
Serrano, Jose D NY-16 202-225-4361 Unknown
Engel, Eliot D NY-17 202-225-2464 Unknown
Lowey, Nita D NY-18 202-225-6506 Cosponsor Per
Hayworth, Nan R NY-19 202-225-5441 Cosponsor per
Gibson, Chriss R NY-20 202-225-5614 Unknown
Tonko, Paul D NY-21 202-225-5076 Cosponsor Per
Hinchey, Maurice D NY-22 202-225-6335 Cosponsor Per
Owens, Bill D NY-23 202-225-4611 Cosponsor Per
Hanna, Richard L. R NY-24 202-225-3665 Cosponsor per
Buerkle, Ann Marie R NY-25 202-225-3701 Unknown
Lee, Christopher John R NY-26 202-225-5265 Unknown
Higgins, Brian D NY-27 202-225-3306 Cosponsor Per
Slaughter, Louise McIntosh D NY-28 202-225-3615 Unknown
Reed, Tom R NY-29 202-225-3161 Unknown
Chabot, Steve R OH-01 202-225-2216 Unknown
Schmidt, Jean R OH-02 202-225-3164 Unknown
Turner, Michael R. R OH-03 202-225-6465 Unknown
Jordan, Jim R OH-04 202-225-2676 Unknown
Latta, Robert R OH-05 202-225-6405 Unknown
Johnson, Bill R OH-06 202-225-5705 Unknown
Austria, Steve R OH-07 202-225-4324 Unknown
Boehner, John R OH-08 202-225-6205 Unknown
Kaptur, Marcy D OH-09 202-225-4146 Unknown
Kucinich, Dennis D OH-10 202-225-5871 Unknown
Fudge, Marcia D OH-11 202-225-7032 Unknown
Tiberi, Patrick R OH-12 202-225-5355 Unknown
Sutton, Betty D OH-13 2202-25-3401 Unknown
LaTourette, Steven R OH-14 202-225-5731 Unknown
Stivers, Steve R OH-15 202-225-2015 Unknown
Renacci, James B. R OH-16 202-225-3876 Unknown
Ryan, Tim D OH-17 202-225-5261 Cosponsor Per
Gibbs, Bob R OH-18 202-225-6265 Unknown
Sullivan, John R OK-01 202-225-2211 Unknown
Boren, Dan D OK-02 202-225-2701 Unknown
Lucas, Frank R OK-03 202-225-5565 Unknown
Cole, Tom R OK-04 202-225-6165 Unknown
Lankford, James R OK-05 202-225-2132 Unknown
Wu, David D OR-01 202-225-0855 Unknown
Walden, Greg R OR-02 202-225-6730 Unknown
Blumenauer, Earl D OR-03 202-225-4811 Cosponsor per
DeFazio, Peter D OR-04 202-225-6416 Cosponsor Per
Schrader, Kurt D OR-05 202-225-5711 Unknown
Brady, Robert D PA-01 202-225-4731 Unknown
Fattah, Chaka D PA-02 202-225-4001 Unknown
Kelly, Mike R PA-03 202-225-5406 Unknown
Altmire, Jason D PA-04 202-225-2565 Unknown
Thompson, Glenn R PA-05 202-225-5121 Unknown
Gerlach, Jim R PA-06 202-225-4315 Unknown
Meehan, Patrick L. R PA-07 202-225-2011 Unknown
Fitzpatrick, Michael G. R PA-08 202-225-4276 Unknown
Shuster, Bill R PA-09 202-225-2431 Unknown
Marino, Tom R PA-10 202-225-3731 Unknown
Barletta, Louis J. R PA-11 202-225-6511 Unknown
Critz, Mark D PA-12 202-225-2065 Unknown
Schwartz, Allyson D PA-13 202-225-6111 Unknown
Doyle, Michael D PA-14 202-225-2135 Unknown
Dent, Charles R PA-15 202-225-6411 Unknown
Pitts, Joseph R PA-16 202-225-2411 Unknown
Holden, Tim D PA-17 202-225-5546 Unknown
Murphy, Tim R PA-18 202-225-2301 Unknown
Platts, Todd Russell R PA-19 202-225-5836 Unknown
Cicilline, David N. D RI-01 202-225-4911 Cosponsor Per
Langevin, James D RI-02 202-225-2735 Unknown
Scott, Tim R SC-01 202-225-3176 Unknown
Wilson, Joe R SC-02 202-225-2452 Unknown
Duncan, Jeff R SC-03 202-225-5301 Unknown
Gowdy, Trey R SC-04 202-225-6030 Unknown
Mulvaney, John Michael R SC-05 202-225-5501 Unknown
Clyburn, James D SC-06 202-225-3315 Unknown
Noem, Kristi Lynn R SD 202-225-2801 Unknown
Roe, David R TN-01 202-225-6356 Unknown
Duncan, John Jr. R TN-02 202-225-5435 Unknown
Fleishmann, Charles J. R TN-03 202-225-3271 Unknown
Desjarlais, Scott Eugene R TN-04 202-225-6831 Unknown
Cooper, Jim D TN-05 202-225-4311 Unknown
Black, Diane Lynn R TN-06 202-225-4231 Unknown
Blackburn, Marsha R TN-07 202-225-2811 Unknown
Fincher, Stephen R TN-08 202-225-4714 Unknown
Cohen, Steve D TN-09 202-225-3265 Cosponsor Per
Gohmert, Louie R TX-01 202-225-3035 Unknown
Poe, Ted R TX-02 202-225-6565 Unknown
Johnson, Sam R TX-03 202-225-4201 Unknown
Hall, Ralph R TX-04 202-225-6673 Unknown
Hensarling, Jeb R TX-05 202-225-3484 Unknown
Barton, Joe R TX-06 202-225-2002 Unknown
Culberson, John Abney R TX-07 202-225-2571 Unknown
Brady, Kevin R TX-08 202-225-4901 Unknown
Green, Al D TX-09 202-225-7508 Unknown
McCaul, Michael R TX-10 202-225-2401 Unknown
Conaway, K. Michael R TX-11 202-225-3605 Unknown
Granger, Kay R TX-12 202-225-5071 Unknown
Thornberry, Mac R TX-13 202-225-3706 Unknown
Paul, Ron R TX-14 202-225-2831 Unknown
Hinojosa, Ruben D TX-15 202-225-2531 Unknown
Reyes, Silvestre D TX-16 202-225-4831 Unknown
Flores, Bill R TX-17 202-225-6105 Unknown
Jackson-Lee, Sheila D TX-18 202-225-3816 Unknown
Neugebauer, Randy R TX-19 202-225-4005 Unknown
Gonzalez, Charles D TX-20 202-225-3236 Unknown
Smith, Lamar R TX-21 202-225-4236 Unknown
Olson, Pete R TX-22 202-225-5951 Unknown
Canseco, Francisco R TX-23 202-225-4511 Unknown
Marchant, Kenny R TX-24 202-225-6605 Unknown
Doggett, Lloyd D TX-25 202-225-4865 Cosponsor Per
Burgess, Michael R TX-26 202-225-7772 Unknown
Farenthold, Randolph Blake R TX-27 202-225-7742 Unknown
Cuellar, Henry D TX-28 202-225-1640 Unknown
Green, Gene D TX-29 202-225-1688 Unknown
Johnson, Eddie Bernice D TX-30 202-225-8885 Unknown
Carter, John R TX-31 202-225-3864 Unknown
Sessions, Pete R TX-32 202-225-2231 Unknown
Bishop, Rob R UT-01 202-225-0453 Unknown
Matheson, Jim D UT-02 202-225-3011 Unknown
Chaffetz, Jason R UT-03 202-225-7751 Unknown
Wittman, Robert R VA-01 202-225-4261 Unknown
Rigell, Scott R VA-02 202-225-4215 Unknown
Scott, Robert (Bobby) D VA-03 202-225-8351 Unknown
Forbes, J. Randy R VA-04 202-225-6365 Unknown
Hurt, Robert R VA-05 202-225-4711 Unknown
Goodlatte, Bob R VA-06 202-225-5431 Unknown
Cantor, Eric R VA-07 202-225-2815 Unknown
Moran, James D VA-08 202-225-4376 Unknown
Griffith, Morgan R VA-09 202-225-3861 Unknown
Wolf, Frank R VA-10 202-225-5136 Unknown
Connolly, Gerald D VA-11 202-225-1492 Unknown
Welch, Peter D VT 202-225-4115 Unknown
Inslee, Jay D WA-01 202-225-6311 Cosponsor Per
Larsen, Rick D WA-02 202-225-2605 Unknown
Herrera Buetler, Jaime R WA-03 202-225-3536 Unknown
Hastings, Doc R WA-04 202-225-5816 Unknown
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy R WA-05 202-225-2006 Unknown
Dicks, Norman D WA-06 202-225-5916 Unknown
McDermott, Jim D WA-07 202-225-3106 Sponsor per
Reichert, David R WA-08 202-225-7761 Unknown
Smith, Adam D WA-09 202-225-8901 Cosponsor Per
Ryan, Paul R WI-01 202-225-3031 Unknown
Baldwin, Tammy D WI-02 202-225-2906 Cosponsor per
Kind, Ron D WI-03 202-225-5506 Cosponsor Per
Moore, Gwen D WI-04 202-225-4572 Cosponsor Per
Sensenbrenner, James Jr. R WI-05 202-225-5101 Unknown
Petri, Thomas R WI-06 202-225-2476 Unknown
Duffy, Sean P. R WI-07 202-225-3365 Unknown
Ribble, Reid R WI-08 202-225-5665 Unknown
McKinley, David B. R WV-01 202-225-4172 Unknown
Capito, Shelley Moore R WV-02 202-225-2711 Unknown
Rahall, Nick II D WV-03 202-225-3452 Unknown
Lummis, Cynthia R WY 202-225-2311 Unknown

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