Request Public Whip Count

Please complete the following information to request that ActOnPrinciples.org provides a new public whip count.

Your name

Your organization

Your email

Official title of legislation

Legislation number

Link to text of legislation

Body considering this legislation (House or Senate, US or which state?)

Number of current Sponsors and Cosponsors (out of how many total)

Explain chances of this legislation passing in this session

Explain your efforts and resources dedicated to pass this legislation

For legislation in front of the US Congress, you do not need to provide any more information.

For legislation in front of a State House or Senate, if your request is approved, you will need to submit the following spreadsheet:

  • Excel .xls format spreadsheet (exported spreadsheets from Mac Numbers program do not work)
  • The spreadsheet should have five columns
  • First column titled SENATOR or REPRESENTATIVE (in caps) includes Last name, First name (with a comma separating them)
  • Second column titled PTY (in caps) includes the party abbreviated in one letter D, R, I
  • Third column titled DIST. (in caps) includes the district number of the State Senator or Representative
  • Fourth column titled CONTACT (in caps) includes the number to call (local or Washington DC)
  • Fourth column titled WEBSITE (in caps) includes the website for each State Representative or Senator. DO NOT include http://

Submit this spreadsheet to [email protected]

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