Marriage Equality in New Jersey Assembly

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Thanks to GetEQUAL for their continued support and sponsorship of this ActOnPrinciples Public Whip Count.

Thanks to GetEQUAL for their continued support and sponsorship of this ActOnPrinciples Public Whip Count.

The LGBT community is often told that there is not the support needed to pass, or even introduce, certain pieces of legislation. Rarely are we told who needs to be persuaded to gain the needed support. When we are it is usually within days of the vote. And, because of technological constraints, this information is not up to date.

The Public Whip Count fundamentally changes the way advocacy on legislation works. It empowers the grassroots, and any citizen, to possess the knowledge necessary to organize and pressure our elected officials until enough votes are secured to introduce or pass legislation. It replaces secrecy with transparency and accountability and allows anyone who cares about LGBT equality to become an activist for full legal equality.

The most revolutionary aspect of our Public Whip Count tool is that it shares power with national organizations, the grassroots, elected officials and party leaders and allows real-time updates.

Timeline of the bill from introduction to veto:

1/10/2012 Introduced in the Senate, Referred to Senate Judiciary Committee
1/30/2012 Reported from Senate Committee, 2nd Reading
2/13/2012 Passed by the Senate (24-16)
2/16/2012 Received in the Assembly without Reference, 2nd Reading
2/16/2012 Substituted for A1
2/16/2012 Motion To Aa (Munoz)
2/16/2012 Motion To Table (Greenwald) (44-31-1)
2/16/2012 Passed Assembly (Passed Both Houses) (42-33-0)
2/17/2012 Christie vetoed


  1. Register and login in the site.
  2. After login, you will see on the right of each row a button to edit the information.
  3. Ask your Members or Congress or staff their position on this legislation. Indicate that you are conducting a Public Whip Count and that you know to mark their position specifically as: Sponsor, Cosponsor, Yes, Leaning Yes, Undecided, Leaning No, or No. Then indicate in the notes with whom you spoke, and if not voting Yes, the reasons. When you click save, the system will record publicly the date and your name. The contact information provided is the Washington DC office; if you click on it, it will show the website for the Member of Congress–including location of local offices and phone numbers. You can look up your Member by zip code here.

Click on any heading to sort the information.
Click on any item highlighted to see more information.

Representative    PTY   DIST.   CONTACT    POSITION    NOTES    SOURCE    DATE   
Albano , Nelson D 1 609-465-0700 Unknown
Amodeo, John R 2 609-677-8266 Unknown
Angelini, Mary Pat R 11 732-974-1719 Unknown
Barnes, Peter D 18 732-548-1406 Unknown
Benson, Daniel D 14 609-631-0198 Unknown
Bramnick, Jon R 21 908-232-2073 Unknown
Brown, Chris R 2 609-677-8266 Unknown
Brown, Christopher R 8 609-654-1498 Unknown
Bucco, Anthony R 25 973-927-2526 Unknown
Burzichelli, John D 3 856-251-9801 Unknown
Caputo, Ralph D 28 973-450-0484 Unknown
Caride, Marlene D 36 website-only Unknown
Carroll, Michael R 25 973-539-8113 Unknown
Casagrande, Caroline R 11 732-866-1695 Unknown
Chiusano, Gary R 24 973-300-0200 Unknown
Chivukula, Upendra D 17 732-247-3999 Unknown
Ciattarelli , Jack R 16 908-252-0800 Unknown
Clifton, Robert R 12 732-446-3408 Unknown
Conaway, Herb D 7 856-461-3997 Unknown
Connors, Sean D 33 website-only Unknown
Coughlin, Craig D 19 732-855-7441 Unknown
Coutinho, Albert D 29 973-589-0713 Unknown
Cryan, Joseph D 20 908-624-0880 Unknown
Dancer, Ronald R 12 609-758-0205 Unknown
DeAngelo, Wayne D 14 609-631-7501 Unknown
DeCroce, Alex R 26 973-884-6190 Unknown
DiMaio, John R 23 908-684-9550 Unknown
Diegnan, Patrick D 18 908-757-1677 Unknown
Egan, Joseph D 17 732-249-4550 Unknown
Eustace, Timothy D 38 201-576-9199 Unknown
Fuentes, Angel D 5 856-547-4800 Unknown
Giblin, Thomas D 34 973-779-3125 Unknown
Gove, DiAnne R 9 609-693-6700 Unknown
Green, Jerry D 22 908-561-5757 Unknown
Greenwald, Louis D 6 856-435-1247 Unknown
Gusciora, Reed D 15 609-292-0500 Unknown
Handlin, Amy R 13 732-787-1170 Unknown
Jasey, Mila D 27 973-762-1886 Unknown
Jimenez, Angelica D 32 201-223-4247 Unknown
Johnson, Gordon D 37 201-836-4924 Unknown
Kean, Sean R 30 732-974-0400 Unknown
Lampitt, Pamela D 6 856-435-1247 Unknown
Mainor, Chris D 31 201-536-7851 Unknown
McGuckin, Gregory R 10 732-840-9028 Unknown
McHose, Allison R 24 973-300-0200 Unknown
McKeon, John D 27 973-275-1113 Unknown
Milam, Matthew D 1 609-465-0700 Unknown
Moriarty, Paul D 4 856-232-6700 Unknown
Munoz, Nancy R 21 908-918-0414 Unknown
O'Donnell, Jason D 31 201-436-0961 Unknown
O'Scanlon, Declan R 13 732-933-1591 Unknown
Oliver, Sheila D 34 973-395-1166 Unknown
Peterson, Erik R 23 908-238-0251 Unknown
Prieto, Vincent D 32 201-770-1303 Unknown
Quijano, Annette D 20 908-624-0880 Unknown
Ramos, Ruben D 33 201-714-4960 Unknown
Rible, Donald R 30 732-974-1719 Unknown
Riley, Celeste D 3 856-339-0808 Unknown
Rudder, Scott R 8 609-654-1498 Unknown
Rumana, Scott R 40 973-237-1362 Unknown
Rumpf, Brian R 9 609-693-6700 Unknown
Russo, David R 40 201-444-9719 Unknown
Schaer, Gary D 36 973-249-3665 Unknown
Schepisi, Holly R 39 201-666-0881 Unknown
Schroeder, Robert R 39 201-391-3672 Unknown
Simon, Donna R 16 website-only Unknown
Singleton, Troy D 7 856-461-3997 Unknown
Spencer, Grace D 29 973-624-1730 Unknown
Stender, Linda D 22 908-668-1900 Unknown
Sumter, Shavonda D 35 973-247-1521 Unknown
Tucker, Cleopatra D 28 973-926-4320 Unknown
Vainieri-Huttle, Valerie D 37 201-541-1118 Unknown
Wagner, Connie D 38 201-576-9199 Unknown
Watson Coleman, Bonnie D 15 609-292-0500 Unknown
Webber, Jay R 26 973-884-6190 Unknown
Wilson, Gilbert D 5 856-547-4800 Unknown
Wimberly, Benjie D 35 973-247-1521 Unknown
Wisniewski, John D 19 732-432-8460 Unknown
Wolfe, David R 10 732-840-9028 Unknown

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