Make YOUR voice heard: Spring 2010 Lobby Days are here! #ENDA #DADT #DOMA

The most effective way to promote equality is to show legislators that their constituents care about what bills get passed or defeated.  Nothing speaks to them louder than an in person meeting.  Below are face-to-face lobby days scheduled by national and state LGBT organizations to make it easy for you to do that.  In almost every case, you should register in advance with the organization and attend their training sessions.  They will walk you through what to expect, how to effectively tell your own personal story, and provide a supportive environment.  Afterwords, they  may de-brief you to try to understand how much progress was achieved.

If you are speaking members of the US Senate and House, Act On Principles provides you with a mechanism to report back what they told you about how they intend to vote. We provide handy forms for both the House and the Senate ( that they can help you fill out at the end of the meeting, so that their opinions on all the relevant LGBT bills are recorded accurately. Then report back to the world via our Public Whip Count, so that those who come after you will know which legislators to push harder to solidify their support for LGBT equality.

Organization Date Focus Location More Information
You! ongoing All federal LGBT bills USA
Human Rights Campaign ongoing Local In-District Meetings with Federal legislators
Human Rights Campaign TBD DADT DC “Because the voice of the veteran community is the most knowledgeable and persuasive voice in the movement to repeal DADT, it is important that members of Congress get to hear this voice….Over the next few months, HRC and Servicemembers United will be building a strong infrastructure of veterans to work towards repeal of DADT. In each strategically chosen state, veteran leaders will collect, educate, train and mobilize their local veteran community to become effective voices in the fight to repeal. The culmination of this grassroots work is the national Veteran’s Lobby Day.”
Human Rights Campaign TBD USA Phone-in and email campaign to be announced
Equality Maryland 2/22/10 parental rights, family leave, transgender anti-discrimination, marriage equality MD
Kentucky Fairness Alliance 2/24/10 Fairness KY
Human Rights Campaign 3/4/10 DC Part of HRC’s Leadership Summit, this lobby day is only open to its Board, Steering Committees, major donors (>$2,500) and friends.
Equality Arizona 3/9/10 Equality, justice, fairness, equal opportunity AZ
Equality Florida 3/15/10-3/16/10 Fair Workplace & Fair Housing; Adoption; and Domestic Partnership FL
National Center for Transgender Equality 3/16/10 ENDA DC Policy Conference, training, & phone bank from 3/14-3/16/2010

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network 3/19/10 DADT DC
PROMO 3/24/10 Employment, housing, public service, safe schools, anti-bias policies MO
The Equality Network (TEN) 3/31/10 Equality, hate crimes, DP benefits OK
OutFront Minnesota 4/21/10 Fairness MN
Equality Ohio 5/19/10 OH
Equality North Carolina 5/25/10 marriage discrimination amendment, LGBT parents and their children, employment and housing, HIV/AIDS prevention and care funding, reform of the “crime against nature” law, hate crimes NC

If you know of additional lobby days, please Submit an Action ( so that everyone can know that it has been scheduled.

If you find errors in this post, please email editors at actonprinciples dot org .

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2 comments to Make YOUR voice heard: Spring 2010 Lobby Days are here! #ENDA #DADT #DOMA

  • AndrewW

    “The most effective way to promote equality is to show legislators that their constituents care about what bills get passed or defeated. Nothing speaks to them louder than an in person meeting.”

    While some citizen lobbying might make you feel better, elected officials defer to polling data. That’s why we don’t need to lobby Rep. Barney Frank (60% pro-LGBT constituency in MA), but we are encouraged to lobby the likes of Rep. Virginia Foxx (65% anti-LGBT constituency in NC). All the lobbying in the world won’t change Virgina’s mind/vote. The same is true for other Members of Congress.

    LGBT-related issues are resolved at elections – not during their terms. To find out what their stand is on LGBT issues – look at the polling data for their District or State. You’ll save yourself some time and a bunch of unproductive frustration.

  • Tif

    Marriage Equality New York has a lobby day in Albany on FEBRUARY 23rd.

    Immigration Equality, Out4Immigration and C=IIR are all marching on MARCH 21, 2010 in Washington, D.C. as part of Reform Immigration For America’s calling for a national immigration march on that date (a form of in-direct lobbying).

    Most of our LGBT immigrants and bi-national couples won’t go out of fear of arrest and deportation. It’s a good opportunity to march for our voiceless.

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