Equal Access to COBRA Act in Senate (112th Congress)

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The LGBT community is often told that there is not the support needed to pass, or even introduce, certain pieces of legislation. Rarely are we told who needs to be persuaded to gain the needed support. When we are it is usually within days of the vote. And, because of technological constraints, this information is not up to date.

The Public Whip Count fundamentally changes the way advocacy on legislation works. It empowers the grassroots, and any citizen, to possess the knowledge necessary to organize and pressure our elected officials until enough votes are secured to introduce or pass legislation. It replaces secrecy with transparency and accountability and allows anyone who cares about LGBT equality to become an activist for full legal equality.

The most revolutionary aspect of our Public Whip Count tool is that it shares power with national organizations, the grassroots, elected officials and party leaders and allows real-time updates.


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  1. Register and login in the site.
  2. After login, you will see on the right of each row a button to edit the information.
  3. Ask your Members or Congress or staff their position on this legislation. Indicate that you are conducting a Public Whip Count and that you know to mark their position specifically as: Sponsor, Cosponsor, Yes, Leaning Yes, Undecided, Leaning No, or No. Then indicate in the notes with whom you spoke, and if not voting Yes, the reasons. When you click save, the system will record publicly the date and your name. The contact information provided is the Washington DC office; if you click on it, it will show the website for the Member of Congress–including location of local offices and phone numbers. You can look up your Member by zip code here.

Click on any heading to sort the information.
Click on any item highlighted to see more information.

Begich, Mark D AK 202-224-3004 Unknown
Murkowski, Lisa R AK 202-224-6665 Unknown
Sessions, Jeff R AL 202-224-4124 Unknown
Shelby, Richard R AL 202-224-5744 Unknown
Lincoln, Blanche D AR 202-224-4843 Unknown
Pryor, Mark D AR 202-224-2353 Unknown
Kyl, Jon R AZ 202-224-4521 Unknown
McCain, John R AZ 202-224-2235 Unknown
Boxer, Barbara D CA 202-224-3553 Sponsor per thomas.gov
Feinstein, Dianne D CA 202-224-3841 Unknown
Bennet, Michael D CO 202-224-5852 Unknown
Udall, Mark D CO 202-224-5941 Unknown
Blumenthal, Richard D CT 202-224-2823 Unknown New Member of Senate http://www.opensecrets.org
Lieberman, Joe I CT 202-224-4041 Unknown
Carper, Thomas D DE 202-224-2441 Unknown
Coons, Chris D DE 202-224-5042 Unknown New Member of Senate http://www.opensecrets.org
Nelson, Bill D FL 202-224-6551 Unknown
Rubio, Marco R FL 202-224-3041 Unknown New Member of Senate http://www.opensecrets.org
Chambliss, Saxby R GA 202-224-3521 Unknown
Isakson, Johnny R GA 202-224-3643 Unknown
Akaka, Daniel D HI 202-224-6361 Unknown
Inouye, Daniel D HI 202-224-3934 Unknown
Grassley, Chuck R IA 202-224-3744 Unknown
Harkin, Tom D IA 202-224-3254 Unknown
Crapo, Mike R ID 202-224-6142 Unknown
Risch, James R ID 202-224-2752 Unknown
Durbin, Richard D IL 202-224-2152 Unknown
Kirk, Mark Steven D IL 202-224-2854 Unknown
Coats, Daniel R. R IN 202-224-5623 Unknown
Lugar, Richard R IN 202-224-4814 Unknown
Brownback, Sam R KS 202-224-6521 Unknown
Roberts, Pat R KS 202-224-4774 Unknown
McConnell, Mitch R KY 202-224-2541 Unknown
Paul, Rand R KY 202-224-4343 Unknown New Member of Senate http://www.opensecrets.org
Landrieu, Mary D LA 202-224-5824 Unknown
Vitter, David R LA 202-224-4623 Unknown
Brown, Scott R MA 202-224-4543 Unknown
Kerry, John D MA 202-224-2742 Unknown
Cardin, Benjamin D MD 202-224-4524 Unknown
Mikulski, Barbara D MD 202-224-4654 Unknown
Collins, Susan R ME 202-224-2523 Unknown
Snowe, Olympia R ME 202-224-5344 Unknown
Levin, Carl D MI 202-224-6221 Unknown
Stabenow, Debbie D MI 202-224-4822 Unknown
Franken, Al D MN 202-224-5641 Unknown
Klobuchar, Amy D MN 202-224-3244 Unknown
Bond, Christopher R MO 202-224-5721 Unknown
McCaskill, Claire D MO 202-224-6154 Unknown
Cochran, Thad R MS 202-224-5054 Unknown
Wicker, Roger R MS 202-224-6253 Unknown
Baucus, Max D MT 202-224-2651 Unknown
Tester, Jon D MT 202-224-2644 Unknown
Burr, Richard R NC 202-224-3154 Unknown
Hagan, Kay D NC 202-224-6342 Unknown
Conrad, Kent D ND 202-224-2043 Unknown
Hoeven, John R ND 202-224-2551 Unknown New Member of Senate http://www.opensecrets.org
Johanns, Mike R NE 202-224-4224 Unknown
Nelson, E. Benjamin D NE 202-224-5274 Unknown
Ayotte, Kelly A. R NH 202-224-3324 Unknown New Member of Senate http://www.opensecrets.org
Shaheen, Jeanne D NH 202-224-2841 Unknown
Lautenberg, Frank D NJ 202-224-3224 Unknown
Menendez, Robert D NJ 202-224-4744 Unknown
Bingaman, Jeff D NM 202-224-5521 Unknown
Udall, Tom D NM 202-224-6621 Unknown
Ensign, John R NV 202-224-6244 Unknown
Reid, Harry D NV 202-224-3542 Unknown
Gillibrand, Kirsten D NY 202-224-4451 Unknown
Schumer, Charles D NY 202-224-6542 Unknown
Brown, Sherrod D OH 202-224-2315 Unknown
Portman, Rob R OH 202-224-3353 Unknown New Member of Senate http://www.opensecrets.org
Coburn, Tom R OK 202-224-5754 Unknown
Inhofe, James R OK 202-224-4721 Unknown
Merkley, Jeff D OR 202-224-3753 Unknown
Wyden, Ron D OR 202-224-5244 Unknown
Casey, Robert Jr. D PA 202-224-6324 Unknown
Toomey, Pat R PA 202-224-4254 Unknown New Member of Senate http://www.opensecrets.org
Reed, Jack D RI 202-224-4642 Unknown
Whitehouse, Sheldon D RI 202-224-2921 Unknown
DeMint, Jim R SC 202-224-6121 Unknown
Graham, Lindsey R SC 202-224-5972 Unknown
Johnson, Tim D SD 202-224-5842 Unknown
Thune, John R SD 202-224-2321 Unknown
Alexander, Lamar R TN 202-224-4944 Unknown
Corker, Bob R TN 202-224-3344 Unknown
Cornyn, John R TX 202-224-2934 Unknown
Hutchison, Kay Bailey R TX 202-224-5922 Unknown
Hatch, Orrin R UT 202-224-5251 Unknown
Lee, Mike R UT 202-224-5444 Unknown New Member of Senate http://www.opensecrets.org
Warner, Mark D VA 202-224-2023 Unknown
Webb, Jim D VA 202-224-4024 Unknown
Leahy, Patrick D VT 202-224-4242 Unknown
Sanders, Bernard I VT 202-224-5141 Unknown
Cantwell, Maria D WA 202-224-3441 Unknown
Murray, Patty D WA 202-224-2621 Unknown
Johnson, Ron R WI 202-224-5323 Unknown New Member of Senate http://www.opensecrets.org
Kohl, Herb D WI 202-224-5653 Unknown
Manchin, Joe D WV 202-224-3954 Unknown New Member of Senate http://www.opensecrets.org
Rockefeller IV, John D WV 202-224-6472 Unknown
Barrasso, John R WY 202-224-4641 Unknown
Enzi, Michael R WY 202-224-3424 Unknown

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