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GOTgayV! Where are you? GLAAD help!

SDC16520Where is the LGBT movement’s voter registration and GOTV drive? Maybe I’m missing it.

Both HRC and NGLTF have efforts on this, but they are pretty passive. NGLTF is better, has a theme “Queer the Vote” and has the basic functionality of registration and culling probable votes for later outreach it seems. But HRC’s “Take Action” button seems to redirect people to its blog and internal systems. Both are including it on regular newsletters, but there is little campaign, no energy, and no building of enthusiasm, which is what we need now.

Marriage Equality USA has the 20 Million More campaign, and individual states facing ballots have major media campaigns going on, helped by Freedom To Marry, HRC and others. But where is the national effort for the equality vote? For the gay vote?

There are four states with marriage ballots, a whole list of LGBT candidates for Congress, and a President out on a limb on marriage equality. Meanwhile, two reports – one by PBS and one by Gallop – tout that the LGBT vote could make a big difference in this tight race.

We should have a full-out messaging campaign going.

So where is our GOTgayV campaign? It’s not in the gay media.

On the Washington Blade home page, NGLTF is advertising, not to register to vote, but for their annual convention next February. And a quick glance at others – Gay City News (NYC), Bay Windows (New England), Bay Area Reporter (San Fran), The Advocate – reveals no ads to promote the vote (not even RocktheVote.org links).

Of all issues, voting is the most important to building political power. It’s reported that about 74% of LGBT people are registered, but there are more out there. And even with good numbers, a voter drive push is important to building enthusiasm and turn out. 30% of us voted Republican in the 2010 midterms, so a campaign targeting that group this year would have been really smart.

The good news is: IT’S NOT TOO LATE. But we need some star power, and we need it fast.

Come on GLAAD — break out some celebrity friends and get some fast videos together, and then spread them working with NGLTF & HRC, Equality Federation, and Pride Committees, and put it out there ALL together with one big push.

Let’s Get Out The Gay Vote!

GOTgayV 2012:


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