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MAYOR PARKER of HOUSTON – Issues Proclamation for Mr. Noble & the AEB

Joining the growing list of Mayors who are calling for our equality, Mayor Parker issued a Proclamation for Richard Noble and the AEB.


Over the last few years, Mayors have really help support our grassroots demands for equality, from 37 City Council Resolutions for UAFA, to 7 for the AEB, and now dozens for Marriage Equality.

Local activists — this is how you can help deliver us from discrimination. It’s easier than you think, but impossible if you don’t ask.

Together – we can build the mandate for our full federal equality – from the ground up. Get active. Get busy. Get Equal!


BLOG for equality now


Leading Mayors and City Councils representing millions of Americans and spanning the country from California to Florida and South Dakota to Louisiana have issued Proclamations for The American Equality Bill (AEB) calling for equal LGBT civil rights protections and upon Congress to take immediate action to add sexual orientation and gender identity comprehensively to the 1964 Civil Rights Act and related laws.

The outpouring of support in these Proclamations stems largely from the valiant efforts of Richard Noble and the now historic Walk Across America described here.

The individual Proclamations are linked below. Each one is slightly different, but all share the basic framework. The first proclamation came from Mayor Heilman and the City of West Hollywood, a true gay mecca, founded with our liberation spirit and home to a population 40% LGBT. And a beautiful Proclamation was given by the Oglala Sioux reflecting nature’s truth inherent in our quest for equality and human rights.

As one example of the text, here is the Proclamation from Mobile, Alabama.

PROCLAMATION (of Mobile, Alabama)

WHEREAS, Federal Law prohibits discrimination because of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, physical/mental ability; and

WHEREAS, Throughout history, great walks and marches have always signified the processes of freedom from oppression of populations persecuted and of unequal minorities; and

WHEREAS, The American Equality Bill/Equality Pledge 2014 is a demand of the American people to add “sexual orientation and gender-identity” to all of America’s civil rights laws, and

WHEREAS, The United States Federal government and the American people in recent years has moved toward a more perfect union in a greater capacity for understanding and implementing such equal rights and protections for LGBT Americans; and

WHEREAS, Members of America’s LGBT population still face historic and on-going discrimination based on their innate status, causing tremendous human tragedy, bullying, loss of life, psychological damage and community/family isolation that necessitates a comprehensive response by the Federal Government; and

WHEREAS, A central tenet of United States law is the principle of non-discrimination and equal protection under the law as Human Rights and The American Equality Bill is an effort to grant legal equality and protection to LGBT people under the law; and

WHEREAS, Richard Noble has walked 2250 miles to Mobile, Alabama from California with the rainbow flag in a national civil rights walk from coast to coast to raise awareness and this demand; now therefore le it be

RESOLVED, that I, Mayor Samuel L. Jones proclaim April 25th as SOGI Civil Rights Equality Day, in honor of this historic walk. I offer my sincere support for Richard Noble and do kindly suggest Representatives of Alabama with its great Civil Rights history, support this great mission of securing safety and equality for these American people.

Done at the City of Mobile, Alabama
This 23rd day of April 2012
Samuel L. Jones, Mayor

Here is a picture of one of the Proclamations by Mayor Leffingwell, of Austin, TX.

Austin Proclamation AEB

And here is the full list of Proclamations, Honors, & City Council Resolutions for the AEB and Civil Rights Walk Across America:

City Council of West Hollywood, CA. 1st City Council Resolution.

Mayor of West Hollywood, CA, The Honorable John HeilmanProclamation.

State Senator Mark Leno, CA (CA-3rd).  Certificate of Recognition.

State Senator David Parks, NV (NV, Dist. 7).  Letter of Support.

Mayor of Salt Lake City, UT, The Honorable Ralph BeckerProclamation.

Mayor of Boulder, CO, The Honorable Susan Osborne. Proclamation.

Mayor of Oakland, CA, The Honorable Jean QuanProclamation.

President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, SD, John Yellow Bird SteeleProclamation.

Mayor of Austin, TX, The Honorable Lee LeffingwellProclamation. See video of presentation ceremony here.

Mayor of Houston, TX, The Honorable Annise ParkerProclamation (video).

Mayor of Baton Rouge, LA, The Honorable Melvin L. “Kip” Holden.  Proclamation.

City Council of New Orleans, LA.  Proclamation (signed by entire Council).

Mayor of Biloxi, MS, The Honorable A.J. Holloway.  Proclamation.

Mayor of Mobile, AL, The Honorable Samuel L. Jones.  Proclamation.

Mayor Birmingham, AL, The Honorable William A Bell, Sr. Proclamation.

Governing Body of Tallahassee, FL, (approved by City Council, signed by Mayor John Parks):  Proclamation.

Other Official Acknowledgements of Walk Across America for LGBT Civil Rights:

Congressman Lloyd Doggett, TX (TX-25) (Austin). Letter of Support.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee, CA (CA-9) (Berkeley).  Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition.

Mayor of Reno, NV.   The Honorable Robert A. Cashell, Sr. Letter of Support.

San Francisco, CA.   Board of Supervisors City & County.  Certificate of Honor.

Governor of Nevada.   The Honorable Brian Sandoval. Certificate of Recognition.

Mayor of Tampa, Florida. The Honorable Bob Buckhorn. Letter of Recognition for Walk & AEB.