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On December 6, 2011, Secretary Clinton delivered an unbelievably poignant, instructional and visionary speech on LGBT Human Rights to the United Nations in Geneva, a speech that will no doubt go down in history.

This video is available here:  http://bcove.me/qs3211sh

Opening with a description of the creation of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the story unfolds the years of debate and drafting, culminating in the first ever expression of the idea that all people are born with rights which governments must protect.

The speech then makes the inevitable case.

Raising the most poignant objections cultural and religious, these are honestly subjugated to “human rights for all” with references to slavery and female genital mutilation, long similarly justified.

Demonstrating humility, the speech acknowledges the limitations of human rights protections for LGBT people in the United States, while also teaching mantras of leadership and urging respect for opinions on both sides as critical to the conversation required for the inevitable evolution of understanding on this front, consistent with history on religious, women, and children’s human rights.

From “being on the right side of history” to “gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights,” this monumental speech makes each point both profound and complete addressing every imaginable point of conflict and the human rights solution and rationale.  No summary could capture it.

It would be so powerful if every LGBT and supportive civil rights organization in the United States and the world sent this to their lists, to educate and empower with the awareness of our entitlement to the protection of our human rights by our governments. This is the knowledge that will empower and fuel our liberation, without which we remain trapped in a vision limited by oppression, and old opposition arguments.

By our creating this expectation and demand to match President Obama’s, when he is President anew, he will be empowered to fulfill the inescapable obligation made repeatedly explicit by his international work, explained proudly in Secretary Clinton’s historic speech, including Resolutions in the United Nations Human Rights Council and the Organization of American States.

So rather amazingly, we are clearly living at a pivotal time in the history of understanding, compassion and possibility for our liberation.   Constantly set before us, it is now ours for the grasping if only we have the courage to expect it all, and the wisdom to listen, follow and lead the way.

Civil Rights Now. Full Federal Equality Now. Human Rights Now. Go Hillary!!! Obama 2012!!!!

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