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Bilerico: Robin McGeehee takes on Barney Frank on ENDA Stall

Robin McGeehee goes toe-to-toe with Barney Frank in a recent posting on Bilerico.  And shares how GetEqual uses the Act On Principles Whip Count.  We need , and are thankful that we have leaders like Robin.

McGeehee said in an interview with me for Bilerico that while she agrees “we always need to get the votes (needed to pass) any particular piece of legislation” but McGehee said “in my opinion it’s just as much (Rep Frank’s) responsibility to get those votes as a person who’s promised this to our community. I would put the same challenge to Rep. Frank and House leadership.”

GetEqual uses the website http://www.actonprinciples.org/enda-house/ to decide which House members to target for public demonstrations. Last week Ms. McGehee’s group held protests against Representative Chris Carney (D PA) because “This is another person that (Mr. Frank and Speaker Pelosi) should be calling to task. He’s got a D behind his name and he has not voted for hate crimes, did not vote for the Murphy Amendment, he did in 2007 vote for ENDA and he in my opinion is the epitome of what is wrong with the Democratic Party that claims (to be) the pride party or the pro-equality party. If (the Democrats) are gonna allow a legislator to take that type of stance then (the Democratic Party) is actually saying they’re not gonna hold their own representatives accountable. I don’t need to be giving blindly to the DNC to believe that (the House leadership) is gonna push Chris Carney to do the right thing.”

You should head over to Bilerico to read the full post by Bilerico guest blogger, Pam Daniels.

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