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THE AMERICAN EQUALITY BILL – For Equal SO&GI Civil Rights Launches With A Bang on July 4th Nationwide Conference Call

ONE OF THE FIREWORKS ON JULY 4th was the launch of The American Equality Bill: ONE BILL to include “sexual orientation and gender identity” in all of America’s civil rights laws.

With great enthusiasm, activists from California to North Carolina, Massachusetts to Florida celebrated Independence Day by charting a new future for the LGBT Civil Rights Movement. It was palpable in the moment that the time for equal SO&GI Civil Rights has come.

Veteran civil rights activist Karen Doering, Esq, the Bill’s drafter and Former Senior Counsel of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, emphasized that amending all of America’s civil rights laws at once would go much faster and be fairer than creating a patchwork for LGBT protections. She reminded everyone that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 has been enhanced various times and that this bill was crafted with precision to insert “sexual orientation and gender identity” into the existing list of “race, color, sex, national origin and religion.” Nothing more, nothing less.

Introducing the American Equality Bill, Todd (Tif) Fernandez explained that what we think of as “civil rights” are actually simply a set of laws we’ve created to stop people from interfering with our “human rights” which belong to us automatically by virtue of being born. Reading from the Declaration of Independence, he reminded us that we were already entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” We just had to end the “legal discrimination” that our exclusion from the civil rights laws creates. “We want in the group policy. It’s what we deserve.”

That same day, President Obama quoted the same passage from the Declaration of Independence, he himself a product of the 1964 Civil Rights Act we seek protection under. He was able to become President because of the freedom that law created, not only because it protected his job, but because those laws sent a clear message that race-based discrimination was unacceptable.

This is all we seek: to make it official US Policy that SO&GI discrimination is unacceptable. Because somewhere there is an LGBT baby destine to be President. Somewhere there is an aging activist tired of fighting for crumbs. And everywhere among us there are determined activists fed up with excuses who are determined to put “sexual orientation and gender identity” in America’s civil rights laws – now.

The American Equality Bill (AEB) was born of the visionary leadership of Juan Ahonen-Jover, Ph.D., co-founder of eQualityGiving.org, which also hosted the call. He and others like Donald Hitchcock and John Bare, have worked aggressively to empower the grassroots to forge a new path for our movement with projects like The Dallas Principles and ActOnPrinciples.org, specifically, a comprehensive equality bill. From the call, it was clear that the fruit of that work is now in full bloom.

Dozens of activists dedicated their July 4th to a new vision for our movement. The magic on the call was palpable, as was the spirit and intention for this bill to be The Peoples’ Bill designed as much to give our movement dignity as to give our people something to fight for together.

With much to do, the emphasis is on emboldening Josephine-citizen, in all her colors, to go out and get the votes it takes to pass this historic legislation – fast. The first step is to identify sponsors for filing this Fall.

The race is now on to see which Congressional hero will be the original Sponsor of The American Equality Bill, and which activist will deliver that Sponsor for the team. All are welcome to the effort behind this! Happy Independence Day! Let’s get free.

Grassroots Organizing calls (Sponsorship Hunt) begin this Sunday, July 11th.

For call-in details Join FB page: http://bit.ly/AEBnow.

To post/view blogs/direct actions related to the AEB go to: ActOnPrinciples.org.

To join the SPONSORSHIP HUNT – stay tuned in.

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